Top Things to do in London This Weekend for Music Lovers

During this time of year, London is an incredible travel destination. Surprisingly, it has a lot to offer not only to visitors but also to locals. Its vistas, skyscrapers, and cutting-edge architecture are genuinely gorgeous and magical. London, on its own, may be regarded as a hub of both modern and historical art, and it has plenty to offer. We’ve seen some tremendously brilliant vocalists spring from this soil throughout the years, and they continue to astonish us, their fans, in inexplicable ways.

Everywhere you walk in London, you can hear musicians playing. This is what we truly adore about London, and we would strongly suggest our readers see the entertainers performing in the city centres if they ever plan a trip to London. Not only are these musicians excellent, but if you are a music enthusiast and good music is what fuels your energy, our team of professionals has compiled a list of all the fantastic musical sites you may see on your trip.

1. WeJam

WeJam Studio is more than just a karaoke bar. It is a venue where you can create the band of your dreams with your friends and family, use WeJam’s own instruments, and explore your sound while performing in front of an audience. The best part is, you don’t even have to be a professional musician to do so. The band can comfortably fit three to six members, and the studio offers a broad choice of songs that may be played, including newer chart singles and old classics. To make things even simpler, the songwriters in the studio simplify the lyrics and melody and to make them even easier to follow for beginners.

When I tried WeJam, I didn’t know how to play the piano, but the melodies already given were so simple and colour-coded that I could successfully play the defined notes. Visit WeJam yourself to know why it is one of the top things to do in London this weekend. You can always plan a private gig by contacting us ahead of time, and believe me, they are so capable that they’ll have a million methods to handle and meet your requests. This way, if you’re not comfortable performing in front of an audience as a singer or as an emerging band, you can always discover your actual voice and magic behind their closed doors. In this approach, we can guarantee is that you will have a terrific time.

1. The Royal Academy of Music Museum

The Royal Academy of Music Museum was founded in the early 1800s and is one of the country’s oldest musical institutions. It has played a significant part in generating some of the world’s best artists. It thoroughly demonstrates the depth of its culture when it comes to music by presenting both ancient and cutting-edge instruments on the premises. The first level of the museum casts light on the Strings Gallery. You will discover various sized stringed instruments, and it is worth noting that many of these instruments have initially been utilized by influential people.

If you go to the museum on weekdays, you’ll be able to participate in a string workshop and witness how the great men operate. Following that, you’ll find the piano gallery on the second level, displaying one of the oldest pianos on their shelves, dating from circa 1600-1650. If you enjoy history and experiencing something new, the museum will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable experience.

2. The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is, without a doubt, one of the most prestigious music venues in the country. This is due to the ambiance the location has, providing its viewers with a serene and wonderful experience with those magnificently constructed architectural halls. The Royal Albert Hall is so important in music that bookings for concerts must be made in advance. Over the years, these magnificent halls have hosted a variety of exceptional musicians who have provided excellent music, created memories, changed lives, and inspired people of all ages and backgrounds via music.

If these walls could talk, they’d tell their visitors about the building’s glorious past and all the reasons why it’s one of London’s first-rate structures. If you enjoy late-night jazz performances, this is the place to be, and if you’re planning a trip soon, you should start by making a reservation at the Royal Albert Hall. If nothing else, it is greatly advised to book yourself a tour and experience one of the best sights you’ll ever get to see. 

4. The O2

The O2 Arena is one of several large stages worldwide that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. When it comes to artists, it is a genuinely unique event venue with the capacity to hold large concerts and famous music acts. To cut a long story short, if London hosts a major pop music event, it is unsurprising that The O2 would be one of their first choices. If you prefer current and modern music, visit its official website to find out which performers will be performing during your visit to London and get your tickets right away.

5. Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum displays a wide range of musical instruments. This museum is noted for hosting a variety of seminars, events, exhibits, concerts, and activities year-round. The Instruments’ Hall part has a broad selection of historical musical instruments such as antique pianos, handcrafted drums, and plenty more.


We believe the selection of venues in this post covers many tastes and can serve as a reference for both tourists and locals. Each of these is a must-see and has excellent value. We believe that for a shorter time allotment, WeJam is the place to go if you want an immersive musical experience and are looking for top things to do in London this weekend. WeJam most definitely provides a more comprehensive musical experience, unlike any you’ve ever had before, finding your inner artist and musician. What matters most is that you have fun. You could like listening to jazz music at the places described above, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you were the one behind the keyboard? You’ll have a lot more enjoyable stories and memories to take with you, and get a real pat on the back that you can truly play. So, what are you waiting for, make a reservation today and get ready to jam with your near and dear ones?