Musical Team Building Activities For Beginners

Musical team building activities might just be the most overlooked activity that businesses can try to improve productivity, motivation and camaraderie. Playing music with your friends and jamming with bandmates can create some incredibly rewarding memories for yourself and your fellow Rockstars. Music has the ability to anchor its way deep into your subconscious mind and remain there for
decades. Literally.

Any team building activity is designed to break the ice between people, whilst creating memorable moments for a team and having fun. Team building can sometimes feel forced if those involved aren’t in the right frame of mind, but under the right conditions, a group of individuals can put the right foundations together and become an efficient, working team. Musical team building activities combine the creativeness and collaboration found in music and are intentionally structured to form strong bonds between team members. These activities can be used anywhere: in the office, at home, in private spaces and even out in public if you and your team are feeling brave enough. We’ve put this list together to appeal to beginners of team building activities with music because that way anyone can pick these ideas up and run with them.

Learning music and being included in musical team-building activities shouldn’t be shut off from people who are beginners because how would anyone get better at anything? At WeJam, we believe that everyone should be included when it comes to
music. Even the earliest beginners could one day become the next Elton John or Prince, and we want to give them that opportunity, so let’s get into our breakdown of the best team building activities with music that you can give a go!


At WeJam, we provide incredible live jam sessions for groups that want to experience exactly what it’s like being in the best rock band in the world! In our jam studios, you will be supported by one of our WeJam liaisons who will guide you through the immersive, interactive experience. WeJam is also mobile and can bring the studio experience to your own venue, want to create a battle of the bands with your office co-workers? We can do that! By the end of the session, your dreams of fame will all be achieved as you play through your favourite songs as a team.

This fits the bill on our list for Musical Team Building Activities For Beginners because we’ll give you real musical instruments to jam on, an interactive tablet device to guide you and a friendly, reliable staff member to guide you through the entire session. As the session progresses, and you become more confident as a band member and as a group, you will unlock more complex notes to play and see if you have what it takes to be the next best thing! In any given 75-minute jam session, we will train you and your group to perform one song so well that it will even rival the original! There are some cases where groups have moved onto
other songs, but we believe it’s best to pick one song and master it. Technology is the bridge that connects the beginners and the masters in our WeJam sessions because the interactive tablets take even the most complicated songs and turn them into easy to play, easy to follow notes that any beginner can master. This, for us, is an important part of the experience because the purpose of our musical team building activities is to bring people together.

Be sure to book your group’s place today, because now we offer what are called Riders to groups. Riders are special requests given to musical performers backstage, to make them feel like the real stars that they are. We previously broke down a list of the most diva riders that musicians have requested in the past, and although we can’t promise to build you a 5-bedroom house like Prince once requested, we can
offer some incredible things that will make the experience all the more special!

Teach The Teacher Activity

For the next entry on our list of team building activities with music, we are going back to basics. This is something any team can get on board with, and even the most beginner players will learn a little something about communication, teamwork and playing a new real musical instrument. We call this activity “Teach The Teacher”, and the purpose is to have members learn different sections of a song before
teaching their partner that section. The member who has learned the section will then go head-to-head, in a battle of the bands’ tournament, against other teams. The winning team is based on which team performs the song the best. This activity introduces some levels of competitiveness to see which members of the team can retain information the best and communicate most efficiently. But hopefully what it will also do is introduce beginner-level hand eye coordination skills which are integral to the learning of any real musical instrument, as well as dabble with the ability of reading notes and memorizing them.

With any good training or team-building exercise, it’s important to all come together at the end and evaluate what everyone has learned about themselves and working with each other. Like any good band or orchestra, it’s important to learn how to rely
on your fellow members and read your teammates as well as your own music sheet. If every member of a band, or team, just did their own thing, the result wouldn’t be something that many would want to watch. Apart from appearing on one of those
YouTube fail videos, a team that doesn’t work together doesn’t have much chance of making it very far. Starting with simple musical team-building activities like Teach The Teacher, you can learn how to live and breathe as a team.

Virtual Choir

Seeing that most people can simply jump online and be connected with everyone in the team within minutes, it’s important to adapt team building activities with music, so they can be used over video calls. This next activity is dependent on how easy it is to get all members of your team different musical instruments that either make up different sections of an orchestra or different sections of a band. If this isn’t a possibility, why not take it really back to basics and just go a cappella! The idea is to decide on which song you’re going to follow, before trying to play together as one
synchronized band over video call. Trust us when we say, it’s not as easy as you may think.

Video calling is a phenomenal piece of technology, and it wasn’t until the early 2000s with the invention of Skype and iChat that it became popular. In early 2020, for the goal of keeping businesses running while working from home, video calling popularity seems to have seen an incredible boom, but they don’t have to only be used for the 9-5 hustle. You will have to contend with latency on the ends of all team members as they grapple with different musical team building activities, and you’ll always have to remind at least one person that they’re on mute. What’s important about these challenges is that they will change the dynamic of musical team building activities you have taken part in before because orchestras, collaborative music and bands aren’t meant to be played over the internet.

Starting or joining a band should be an incredible, personal, collaborative journey that captivates those involved and brings music to fans all across the world. That can all still be delivered through a video call, just in an unconventional, but fun manner. Obviously, this activity may seem too tricky to even attempt, so instead, why not simplify things and start a virtual choir! At WeJam, we provide all the tools and expertise you need to film a virtual choir video. Instead of everyone jumping onto a video call to jam together, we will edit together the footage and audio that you send to us of everyone’s individual performances, stitch them together and send them back to you. It’s that simple, and by the end of it, you’ll have a professional-looking virtual choir video that through your musical team building activities planning, you made possible.

For more information, make a quick enquiry with WeJam about putting together a virtual choir video, or to plan a trip down to one of our jamming studios and prepare to create some incredible memories for you and your team. No other team
building activities with music compare to this experience, as we have spent years perfectly combining the mix of real instruments, industry knowledge, excellent customer service and team building activities to put together the ultimate musical
experience! So book your place today and get creative!

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