Jamaoke, Bandeoke and Rockaoke – What’s The Difference?

Hopefully, most people have heard of the concept of “Bandeoke”, and “Rockaoke”. If these activities are something you’ve not heard of before, then don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on the experience. If anything, all of these fun activities are just waiting for you to get some friends together and run wild with it. The trick to delivering a memorable “Bandeoke” experience is by getting a wonderful group of people together, one special occasion, and some rocking music! It’s a fun way to get your guests to be an active part of the entertainment, as they can sing with the karaoke and get their time in the limelight on centre stage. Karaoke is a popular way to get everyone in the room up on their feet, dancing to the song that is being sung, as well as taking part in singing some vocals. Bandeoke and Rockaoke is an immersive way of removing the machine from normal karaoke, and opening the stage up to an incredible, live band!

At WeJam, we are always finding new ways to reinvent the rocking, jamming, and party experiences that everyone is used to, and our latest creation is a game changer. We’ll be introducing Jamaoke to you today, but more about that later! This is similar to our live jamming sessions, so if you’re familiar with those, then you’re already one step ahead of everyone else. For anyone that is unfamiliar to WeJam, we provide live jamming studios where groups of up to six people can play real instruments regardless of their musical experience, and can experience what it is like to play in a real band. For more information on our tiered packages, prices, and other information – click this link here to find out more!

The History of Karaoke

If you’ve not taken the mic and braved the karaoke experience, you have almost definitely seen someone take the stage and sing their heart out to some classic songs. Karaoke is a fun source of entertainment for events that people can laugh at, laugh with, and it really elevates the night. The lyrics to the song of your choosing are displayed in an easy-to-follow manner on a screen, so you don’t even have to know all the words to the song you’ve picked. Even if you get stuck, the crowd will be singing along, so they will help you out even if you see your singing career dreams falling apart around you. It really is a wholesome experience, and we would
encourage anyone and everyone to get involved when the opportunity presents itself. It’s one of those experiences where you always wished you would have done it after the opportunity has come and gone. Karaoke is particularly popular in bars, some clubs, and in events like weddings; usually, anywhere that serves alcohol is a great environment to also have a rocking karaoke machine.

Karaoke is a little older than some may think. In 1971, the first karaoke machine was created by musician Daisuke Inoue in Japan. In most areas of Japan, still to this day, it is customary to provide entertainment while hosting a party or a dinner. Fun fact; Karaoke is the 4th most popular form of entertainment in Japan, and is the main focus in over 100,000 bars or restaurants. It’s fair to say that Karaoke has a major following in Japan, and the rest of the world would find it hard to disagree with that statement. It is the perfect accompaniment to any pub, wedding, or corporate venue! Inoue was asked by the president of a company to record some of his instrumental music, so this president could sing along to it while in the company of some of his friends. Inoue did so, and at this moment he believed other people would also want a copy of his instrumental music to share with their friends, and in a short time, he had created the Juke 8 which was the first karaoke machine. Technically speaking, it was just a tape recorder machine, but with a few tweaks to ensure that the idea would generate business, the machine was altered to accept money and allowed participants to select the song of their choice to sing along to.

This Juke 8 machine and the new karaoke phenomenon quickly began to grow, and club owners were contacting Inoue from all over Japan to get the machines into their clubs. This very simple, but incredible bit of kit has made its way around the world, and there can’t possibly be a city that doesn’t have at least one karaoke night in one of its pubs or clubs. These days, karaoke can even be done from the comfort of your home. Portable karaoke machines are so accessible and relatively cheap that you can get one to entertain yourself and your nearest and dearest. You can turn your house or flat into the “go to” party spot when anyone thinks of karaoke, and who wouldn’t want that? Who knows, after a few months of practise at the old karaoke machine; you could be ready to set your sights on auditioning for your local talent show! It’s from Karaoke that other great activities like Bandeoke and Rockaoke have become increasingly popular over the years.

What Is Bandeoke & Rockaoke?

Bandeoke and Rockaoke combine the fun of karaoke, as well as the immersive experience of listening to a live band. This is a great way for people to live in the live music atmosphere, while singing their heart out to their favourite songs. Usually, a Bandeoke experience will provide the lyrics to any chosen song like a karaoke will, but with the background music provided by a live band. Each band will come with a classic list of songs that were almost made for karaoke, as well as songs that deserve to be heard and performed live.

It may seem like a big ordeal to get a real band to a venue, only for them to provide the background to songs that you want to choose – however there are many bands out there who can’t wait to be booked up to get the crowd rocking, moving, singing, and dancing. All you need to organize on your end is the band, and they will bring with them the songs, the equipment for showing the lyrics, and of course the drums, guitar, mics, and the all-important bass. All the other equipment is the responsibility of the band, as they don’t expect you to be experts in professionally setting the stage. Although a little bigger than the Juke 8 machines from the early 70s, Bandeoke or Rockaoke has proven itself to be just as accessible and popular. There’s a magical atmosphere that is created when people are singing karaoke, and a complimentary atmosphere is created whenever a fantastic live band is performing at a venue.

Music is also healing – quite literally. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes have found evidence that sleep disorders among 557 participants had “improved significantly” with the help of music. The National Institute concluded that “music can assist in improving sleep quality of patients with acute and chronic sleep disorders”. Of course, you should always consult with a medical professional before changing your health routine for a completely music-based remedy, but it does go to show that music is good for your soul, ears, mind, and heart.

What Is Jamaoke?

As we mentioned earlier, at WeJam we have created an incredible package for weddings and corporate events that combines the best elements of karaoke, live music, and bandeoke. We will provide the instruments and all the equipment that is needed. All you need to do is get your friends together and prepare yourselves for having a great time together. At our Jamaoke events, anyone with any amount of experience can take part in playing live instruments, to real songs, and have a great time jamming together. This is our small way of doing our bit for bringing memorable, immersive, live music experiences to anyone.

By the end of the night, your friends, family, and colleagues can say they have experienced rocking out in a live band! Jamaoke is more than just the usual karaoke where you get on stage and sing a song. Playing in a band is one of those experiences that not everyone gets to participate in, but almost everyone has a deep desire to be centre stage, while rocking out to some of the best songs ever made and being supported by live instruments played by your friends!

Treat Yourself & Your Friends To An Experience Unlike Anything You’ve Done Before

Our Jamaoke experience is open for enquiries now, and there’s no better way to emerge from covid than to get your friends and family involved. Follow the link to complete a simple contact form, and we will provide you with more information on what we do, and how we’re the experts of delivering out of this world live music experiences. Make an enquiry with us here!