What actually is WeJam?WeJam is a fully immersive group activity that takes place in a music studio. During a session you will be guided by your 'roadie' to learn and perform one of your favourite songs as a band. Even though you will be using real musical instruments, no previous musical experience is necessary!
How does it work?This is one of the most common questions we get asked at WeJam!

Each participant chooses their instrument and is assigned a tablet device. Beginners are shown colour coded graphics on screen, guiding them which notes to play. More experienced musicians can choose to see traditional notation instead.

To make things even easier for beginners, our talented team of songwriters have developed super simplified versions of your favourite tunes, meaning you'll only have to play one note at a time. Successfully playing these pared-down parts will unlock and trigger the more complicated original note combinations, meaning everyone can sound like a rockstar!

What's more, if you ever find it too easy, we can ramp up the difficulty level.
I’ve never played a musical instrument in my life, will I really be able to take part?Yes! No matter your age or ability we’ll have you jamming along to your favourite songs in no time. Using a colour coded system, complete beginners can easily see which note they need to play, and when to play it. The facilitator in the room will also be on hand to help should you get stuck.
How many people can I bring?At the moment we can accommodate between three and six musicians playing simultaneously. You can select your band size at the time of booking.
Can we play more than one instrument?If it’s your first session we recommend picking one instrument and sticking with it for the entire session. However if you and your band members get the hang of it quickly, then it’s perfectly fine to swap halfway through.
How many songs will we perform?Most people spend the session perfecting one song, but it’s possible to try more than one if you’re on a roll.
What songs can I play?We are growing our catalogue every day. We’ve got classics from the 60s, the latest chart hits, and everything in between. Check out our social media feed to see some of the most recent additions.
Where do the jam sessions take place?Sessions take place at our studio in North London. Our post code is N4 1FF - the exact location is given when bookings are confirmed.

Can you cater for private events?Yes, we regularly host special events and can set up at a venue of your choosing. There are some minimum requirements so please contact us to discuss.
I’m an experienced musician, will I find it too easy?Experienced musicians can play in ‘freestyle’ mode - i.e. we turn off the computer assistance and you can jam along independently. But most people find it fun and challenging to try an instrument they’re less familiar with instead!
What instruments can I play?At the moment we offer the drums, the bass, the keyboard, and guitar.
Do we sing?Singing is optional! For those that prefer not to sing we have high quality vocal backing tracks that you will play along to. This is a bit like the opposite of karaoke.
Is there an age limit?This is truly for everyone but primarily aimed at adults. Kids are welcome but we recommend they are over the age of 7. Whilst we are very happy to host children's parties, the group must comprise an over-18.
What is your Covid-19 policy?We fully comply with all current government advice and legislation. Extra time is scheduled between bookings for cleaning the studio and its musical instruments. For your safety we recommend bringing your own set of headphones which can be plugged into our system, however this is not essential to enjoy the experience. We also stock branded headphones available for sale on the day of your session.

If we still haven’t answered your question, please contact us - we’ll be very happy to assist.