Once upon a time two kids from Portugal decided to move to London to chase their dreams and eventually crossed paths. They became flatmates and although both wanted to do music seriously, it never crossed their minds to work together. One day Catarina had a song that she was trying to record some guitars on and asked Lourenço if he’d like to try some ideas as well… One month later, this spontaneous collaboration gave birth to Nocturnal. 

They realised that this first successful project (“Time”) could be much more than two flatmates jamming along, so they decided to release an EP 4 months later - Noctívago (which means Nocturnal in Portuguese). With little access to studios, they did all the recordings and production at home. As they were producing music from home, they were able to experiment with new styles and instruments. They like to describe their music as a cross pollination of electronic and organic, taking all their favourite elements from different genres and blending them together, while trying to take an unconventional arrangement approach and trialling odd time signatures and drastic tempo changes – this is an important part of their sound.

The guitar takes a main role in their music as they try to make licks that make sense and guide the listener along with all the elements of the songs. Nocturnal is a great example of a symbiotic relationship. The production would sound empty without the guitar, and the guitar would sound lost without the production. Their teamwork is what keeps them going and they always help each other grow as musicians and individuals.