No Vacancies

 No Vacancies started off at the start of 2019 with singer and rhythm guitarist Will and drummer George, playing in Birmingham, where they are from, before then moving to Manchester to pursue a career as musicians. Shortly after moving they met their bassist Ben and Lead guitarist Cèdric, who has recently joined the band. Since then, they have played a number of gigs around the country.

"With pleasing-heavy guitar parts, more-than-satisfying cymbal crashes and cleverly penned lyrics..." ScarlettNotesBlog

"Mancunian indie Rock 'n' Roll, No Vacancies, bring avalanches of raw vocals and easy sounds..." - Reyt Good Magazine

"Beautiful low tempo melodies lull us in gently to start with, ringing guitars and nostalgic lyrics make a powerful statement... the overall mood change and evolution of the song (She.) is fantastic, moving from this gentle, subtle track to this huge outcry of desperation..." - Reyt Good Magazine

"The tracks are filled with strong vocals with music analogy of anything from The Pixies... through Red Hot Chilli Peppers..." - Ramble On