Faceless Orphans

Please introduce your band

We are from Rouyn-Noranda (Quebec), Canada. The band has 5 members and we are considered an alternative rock band/indie prog-rock band by some DJ’s in the UK.

Tell us about your lineup:

  • Jean Landry author and lead singer: previously a member of Mild Orphic from 2003 till 2013 before joining Faceless Orphans in 2017.
  • Carle Marcotte, guitarist: Played for death metal band OPHYUKUS and also LABRAIDS RAINBOW before Faceless Orphan. 
  • Francis Camirand, guitarist: Got his first guitar at 12 and never stopped, started his career playing with local bands.
  • Patrick Lafrenière, bass: joined the band after the 1st album. A really talented progressive rock bass player that brings a new sound to the songs, he’s been in the business for over 35 years. He’s played with many bands but is best known for having played in the tribute band to OFFENBACH.
  • Patrick Marchand, drums: just joined the band a couple of months ago, talented and known for playing with many artists in our region.

How did the band meet?

I met Francis in 2016 through a common friend. We started to write songs and made 4 demos and got the attention of well-known producer Mark. S. Berry from Toronto and produced our first album that came out physically in early 2018. At first, there were only 2 of us and we had 3 professional contracts in hand and so the story began.

What's the story behind your band name?

From my perspective about hope and faith, everyone is a faceless orphan at a time in their lives, having dreams that no one believes in you or even having people laugh at you but at a certain point, someone out of nowhere lends his hand and says I BELIEVE IN YOU. Then everything changes forever.

Tell us about your influences!

For myself; french poetry of the 19th century. Nelligan, Verlaine, De Musset, Rilke, etc. Musically from the ‘70s and upward concerning the band, a mix of all sorts, a melting pot that all together gives a unique sound to what we do. We always ask if anyone has an idea or wants to try something, we are open-minded and always decide as a band what is good to add to a track or not.

Could you describe your approach to songwriting?

Trying to express poetry through music all starts at the composition of the guitar riffs. We glue together the music, the feeling, the words, connecting everything together like a perfect feast. No matter what, if we like it and feel it then we are happy because we are the ones playing it live and we must feel the vibe, the energy. 

Describe your band's first big break

Osisko en lumière festival in August 2018, a worldwide huge summer festival in our town. Rise Against, AFI, X Ambassadors, and many more bands played that weekend and we were the 1st band to kick off this amazing ball of fun. We were treated like all of the main bands, we felt as if we were in paradise. It was something to remember forever, you can see our interview on our YouTube page.

Tell us about some of your most memorable gigs - both good and bad!

Well, we played at a more than sold-out place at the coming out of our album here at the Paramount where a couple of videos were shot that you can see on YouTube, it was the worst! Once, we played a show at the same time as Sum 41 so there were just a couple of individuals at our show, but we played our hearts out anyway and we had fun.

What advice do you have to those who want to start a band?

All over the world, no one has ever thought of the creation you just made with only a few chords on an instrument. But also, the music business is tough, lots of promises but sometimes broken dreams, just roll up your sleeves and continue because the main reason you do it is for the love of music.

What are some of the challenges you face being in a band?

Preparing. Organizing 3 weeks of studio recording in Toronto, a 14-hour drive back and forth and we had to take care of renting a house downtown, expenses, travelling and the gear. Moneywise all this was costing a lot so we had to do the best we could, this being our first experience as a band in a recording studio.

What does it take to be successful as a band?

It’s hard to say, but it’s about the people that you choose. There is no magic solution, just surrounding yourself with people you trust and love. Never forget that blood is thicker than water. You never know what can come out of trying hard all the time, you have to work hard keeping up the relationships and there are so many independent radio internet stations that are just waiting for new material, reach out to them they are a way to make you believe and keep your dream alive.

How important is music theory?

There is a foundation for everything in life and nowadays everything evolves and changes in a split second, but the foundation still stands. The theory of music is its foundation, but the best part of music is that you can blend whatever style or beat and change all the rules however you want. 

Tell us about the releases you've put out to date

Our first album came out in January 2018 on CD, it is about faith and generation X. It was well received and got good reviews, it’s available on facelessorphans.com. We are considered the best Canadian indie rock band in places in the UK and should be going on tour over there after covid. We went to California for 4 radio interviews and Californian author Sasha George even wrote a book titled Lost and Found that took inspiration from our music. The second part is coming out on Valentine's day 2021 and the 1st book is on Amazon if you wanna check it out. 

What has been your band's biggest achievement?

Being played on the radio out of our province and overseas. Here the language is french and we do everything in English so we are very happy to have the chance to be recognized. Now we are being played and admired in places we never could have imagined, it’s like a dream come true.

How do you view the current state of the music industry?

Omg, it changes so quickly and you really don’t get a lot of money for the work you put in. Spotify is a real joke moneywise and a lot of companies make a lot of money on bands, mostly independent ones, and don’t pay them much, but you have to do music cause you love it and it makes you feel fulfilled

What are you working on right now?

Our second album is all written and composed, we are just tightening it up and want to record it in the studio this year but with the pandemic and curfew, it’s a bit hard these days. We take everything with patience cause there is nothing we can do about it as of now but a song is never finished until it’s recorded as they say.

What is your focus for the year ahead?

To finish and make our 2nd album and do more videos with this new record. We also want to leave on our UK tour which as of now will be in England, Wales and Scotland, though the USA is also knocking at the door. 

Thank you so much for dropping by the WeJam studio! Where can we follow your progress?


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