Think you can't sing?


At WeJam it's our mission to show that everybody can make music together - even if you've never played an instrument or sung before! During the lockdown we created the WeJam Vocal Challenge - an easy to follow activity that will have you singing in harmony with your household in no time at all.

Here's how it works:

Step 1.

Within your group, make sure everybody chooses a different part below. More than 5 of you? No problem, some people can sing the same part, just like in a choir.

Step 2.

Download your chosen part on your phone and listen through a few times. Practise singing along to it.

Step 3.

When your group is ready to perform it together, everybody should pop their headphones into their phone so they can be reminded of their part whilst they sing. This also means if you choose to record your performance, you won't hear the guide vocals.

Step 4.

On the count of 3, everybody should start playing their download at the same time. This means you'll all be perfectly in sync.

Step 5.

Record your performance and share it on social media with the hashtag #WeJamVocalChallenge - we'll be handing out £50 vouchers which can be used towards any of our Diva, Rockstar or Legend jam sessions!

Follow these steps and it should sound something like this:


Download here

Singer 1 Singer 2 Singer 3 Singer 4 Singer 5