How to Record Your Virtual Choir Video Performance

WeJam Virtual Choir Video


We're delighted to be working with your choir to create a virtual choir video. There are just three steps to recording your virtual choir video performance. In case you stumbled across this page by accident, you can click here to find out about our virtual choir video service.

Step 1

Before we begin, you will need two devices to hand – e.g. smartphone or tablet. One will be used to listen to a backing track, the other will be used to record the performance.

Step 2

Download the backing track onto one of the devices and practice singing along to it with some headphones in.

Step 3

When you’re ready to record, use the second device to film yourself or your child singing along to the backing track with their headphones in. It’s important to use headphones as this will ensure that the performance is in time with the backing track, and that the backing track will not be heard in your recording.

Top Tips:

  • Try and find a spot with good natural light. Near a window is good, but make sure the person singing is facing towards the window. This means the person filming should have their back to the window.
  • Try and prop the camera up against something so it remains still for the performance.
  • Please check you don’t have anything private in the background of where you are filming.
  • There’s no need to use the zoom on your camera. Your face should take up roughly half of the screen.
  • If you need to look at a score, lyrics or guide video, position this at the same height as the camera so you're looking towards the camera.

Good luck from everybody at WeJam!