Hailing from West Yorkshire, Echoviolet are a four-piece alternative rock band formed in 2019 after high school friends James (Singer) and Rowan (Guitarist) decided to have a jam after bumping into each other a few years after school. They had so much fun after having a jam at Blueberry Hills Studio in Leeds that they decided to start the band 'Echoviolet'.

From the raw and stripped-down garage-esque tones of The White Stripes, to the soaring melodies of Pink Floyd and Radiohead, Echoviolet carefully weave their influences together to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

In November 2019, Echoviolet reached the finals of the Bingley Weekender Battle Of The Bands competition, having only played a handful of shows prior to the event. This year, the band has been accepted onto the prestigious MAS Records Artist Development Programme ( 

Echoviolet will be releasing their debut EP in early 2021 and look forward to unleashing their music to the masses.'