Our Top 8 Favourite Virtual Choir Videos

Although the Coronavirus pandemic is still affecting countries all around the world, music creativity and the human spirit refuses to take a backseat. As we step into 2021, the world continuously proves that creating great music and being part of a team can even adapt to the virtual world. 

Community choir groups have found a new way of bringing their choir groups together during these troubling times, in the form of Virtual Choir Videos.  For those of you that haven’t seen these videos, they involve a full cast of talented people singing their lungs out in harmony. Pretty simple right? 

The part these virtual choir videos miss out is the filming of the individual video clips, syncing up the music perfectly for each performer and then the stitching-together of the individual videos into one seamless performance. 

Every virtual choir video that we come across, we are constantly amazed at how they are a great way of proving that music can bring together - which is especially important during these times. And while the karaoke bars are closed, virtual choir videos are definitely the next best thing. 

With all the complex technical stuff out the way, let’s get to the part we’ve all been waiting for – watching these talented performers recreating their favourite songs in different music styles: opera, pop, musicals, hip-hop, and rock! 

So without further ado, here at WeJam we have compiled a Top 8 list of our favourite Virtual Choir Videos; let’s get to it!


1. Il Coro Che Non C'è

The Italian choir is formed of students from high schools and universities all across Rome performing the song “Helplessly Hoping” by Crosby, Stills and Nash. The choir’s director, Ludovico Versino, had the idea to form the choir to provide some hope while people are stuck at home and waiting for the pandemic to be over and done with. The video features more than 50 singers and has amassed almost 500,000 views since being released in March of last year. Check the awesome video out here.

2. San Diego Women’s Chorus

The San Diego based choir is made up of LGBT+ alliance members and volunteers, formed way back in 1987. A heart-warming message plays at the beginning of the virtual choir video which explains that the Women’s Chorus form a “Circle” to promote peace, freedom and wholeness through their song. The choir is made up of 54 performers and one rather cute toddler. All members of the choir in the video are wearing coloured t-shirts to represent the colours that make up the LGBT+ flag. Take a look at the wholesome video here (it’s guaranteed to brighten up your day). 


3. Coro Saint Cecilia 

Up next we return back to Italy, where the Coro Saint Cecilia perform “Ave Maria” by Italian composer Bepi De Marzi. What we love about this virtual choir video is that some older adults get in on the action to take part in the virtual world. During the course of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of older adults have been isolated away from loved ones as, particularly in the United Kingdom, they were made to self-isolate so they could be protected. But in turn, this meant that visits to grandparents and Sunday dinners with the whole family have been delayed for the foreseeable future. Virtual choir videos like these remind us that there are many different ways friends and family can still get together. Click the link here and see if you recognise the song. 


4. Seattle Girls Choir

Performing the song “No Time” by Susan Brumfield is the Seattle Girls Choir (SGC) based in – you guessed it – Seattle! The Choir group originally came together for a fundraising effort that was scheduled to go ahead in early March of 2020. However, like most things over the last year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic the event was cancelled. Luckily for the world though, the choir group decided to not let their hard work go to waste and put together this virtual choir video to show off their musical talent. The group is still accepting donations in order to donate towards their organisation; the SGC provides music education and leadership opportunities for ages 5-18 which is just incredible. Not only do they have great voices, but they’re putting their talents towards a great cause. Have a listen to the Seattle Girls Choir here.  


5. Houston Show Choir 

The Houston Show Choir (HSC) are a collection of adult singers who love to sing to all types of music: pop, rock, disco, jazz, and musicals – all the while having choreographed their own dance moves to the music. The HSC are singing “Something To Believe in” from the 1992 musical “Newsies” (which is remarkable by the way, if you haven’t seen it you shouldn’t check it out if you can). This video makes it onto our list, obviously because of the amazing talent of these individuals, but more so their message above positivity and having something to believe in. Inject some joy into your day and have a listen to their singing here


6. South Shore Children’s Chorus

The South Shore Children’s Chorus are a collection of children and young teens that expertly sing advanced songs and deliver some amazing performances. In the virtual choir video we picked for our list, they are singing “Beautiful City” from the musical Godspell. The reason the choir group secures a place on our list is because of their age and how talented each of the performers are. It’s incredible to see talent overflowing at such a young age, and it’s inspiring to know that music and creativity will always be a part of the many great things that humans can create. Take a look at the South Shore Children’s Chorus here


7. Barcelona Soul Choir

If there are any fans of Disney’s Lion King, then this next virtual choir video is for you because the Barcelona Soul Choir deliver an incredible rendition of the “Circle of Life”. When it comes to virtual choir videos, what people should understand is that the creation of them takes a fair bit of technical know-how. If you’re wanting to create one of these videos, you’ll definitely need experience in editing, audio syncing, importing and exporting. The technical skill displayed in the Barcelona Soul Choir video solidifies their place on our list of virtual choir videos. Whether you’re a Disney/Lion King fan or not, this video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and remind you of a wonderful animated film in the process: take a look at the video here!


8. Pub’s Choir’s Couch Choir

The Pub’s Choir Couch Choir don’t expect anyone to be an amazing singer; as long as people are willing to show up, give 110% and have a great time then that is all they care about. Performing their version of “They Long To Be (Close to you)” by talented duo The Carpenters, the song is incredibly poignant given that most countries around the world are abiding by social distancing restrictions and local/national lockdowns. Couch Choir, which was started in March 2020, is an event to bring people together and bring karaoke into the home. They invite everyone from around the world to participate in their virtual choir videos and submit their videos via social media. Take a look at one of their performances here, get an idea for what they do and who knows – maybe you’ll want to take part in the next one!


Interested In Making Your Own Virtual Choir Video? 

If you’ve been inspired to create a virtual choir video with your friends, family members of work colleagues, here at WeJam, we’d love to give you a helping hand in this creative endeavour. 

We can deliver professionally edited and mixed virtual choir videos, with no limits on total performers, and the option to have a credit reel after your video (just to make it look that little bit more professional).

We love to see people keeping music creation and creativity alive during the pandemic, and at every opportunity WeJam have been a part of those efforts. That’s why we want to help you create your own virtual choir videos. 

So far, we’ve been working with schools to create some fantastic videos, and we are now expanding our efforts to provide professional videos for choirs and singing groups. So if you’re interested in hearing more, take a look at our Virtual Choir page and read more about how we’ll produce your virtual choir video.

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