10 Traits High Performing Teams Share With Successful Rock Bands

If you’ve ever been responsible for a group project, you’ll know that there comes a certain point where your team building ideas have to generate meaningful results. It’s all well and good if you’re in a team of great thinkers, but you also have to be part of a team of great do-ers. The same applies to rock bands. You better believe that The Rolling Stones still have review meetings after big tours, so they can assess what to do better for next time.
For those among us who aren’t celebrities, management positions in companies have to transform team building ideas into real-life results. Communication, development and motivation have to perfectly come together in order to deliver
the goal of the company. If these things don’t, then it may result in the failure of the company.
Any rock band that is formed should be done so with the idea to make some incredible music and have fun with friends. However, sometimes even jamming sessions and catch-up over drinks can turn into business meetings. There’s a considerable amount of crossover between High Performing Teams and
Successful Rock Bands. So today we’re going to take a look at 10 of those crossovers and how you can adopt some musical team building ideas into your creative or professional life.

1. Both Are Highly Motivated

Kicking off our list is Motivation: rock bands and high performing teams have to be highly motivated. Motivation can come from a variety of places, like money, fame and a sense of legacy, but it’s still important to keep the spirits of the members of your band or team up. High performing teams and bandmates are able to maintain such high levels of motivation because they’re incentivized by a greater calling than themselves, ideas of which can come about in team-building idea sessions.
Motivation also comes from wanting to improve the situation of an individual or a group, and whether that translates to the name of the band in big shining lights or increasing company profits tenfold, both are valid reasons to get motivated and stay motivated.

2. Communication Is Key

Whether you’re the leader of a team or a rock band, it’s important to remember that communication can make or break a sticky situation. High performing individuals and groups only reach that elite status by addressing bad news in a timely manner. That’s not to say that every aspect of your life needs to be discussed with your bandmates or team, but if you have a gripe with something or someone, then those feelings need to be communicated as clearly as possible. Using some of these team building ideas might just be the key to elevating that album to new heights or allowing you to better understand your team, so everyone is able to get the support they need to be world-class.

3. Be Likeable

Your social skills and social awareness are traits that will draw people to you. The most successful team members must be likeable so they are approachable, which in tail promotes healthy working relationships. Band members also have to be
likeable, so fans will be drawn to them and rock legends can be made! It’d be quite hard to gravitate towards a band if you disliked all the members in the group. What makes this easy is that being likeable is not something that high performing teams and rock bands have to have huge team building ideas to develop, as long as people are being themselves and are hard workers then people will naturally be drawn to them.

4. Telepathic Trust in One Another

This next point is in no way alluding to how, if you want to be in a rock band or a high performing team, you have to develop superpowers, but this unspoken language is something that is developed over years of working with the same people and being comfortable around them. Whether you’re on stage rocking out or grinding away at work, over several years of working with the same people, natural instincts on how to work well together begin to develop. Professional rock bands that have been going on tour for years don’t necessarily have to have monthly meetings to break down exactly what they’re going to do on stage for their next performance, they just know how to go with the flow and trust each other.

5. Envision the End Goal

If there’s one important thing that high performing teams and rock bands can relate to, it is the ability to envision the end goal of their journey. Understanding a unified vision can do great wonders for motivating everyone to achieve their goals. Goals come and go, some get completed sooner than expected, and some goals never get attained, so what is important is that the goals are inspiring enough to chase no matter how hard the journey might be. This is ideally something that can be
discussed in those early team building idea stages, but as we’ve mentioned it’s important to remain flexible because you never truly know what life is going to throw at you.

6. Be Able to Handle Criticism

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos once said that “If you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do anything new or interesting”. Receiving feedback will be frequent on the path to greatness, and the highest performing teams, especially in the sales world, have to be comfortable with that. If you are in sales and you’re not able to convert window shoppers into paying customers, then something needs to be done urgently to secure those conversions. Team building ideas don’t always have to be done as part of a team. A one on one session between a leader and the salesperson could be just as effective as having the entire team pitch in, but wouldn’t you rather have all hands on deck? A quick powwow between all the members of the team is a great way to generate some constructive criticism and ensure progression for everyone.

7. Adapt To Changing Situations

A key trait that high performing teams and rock bands share is the ability to adapt on the fly to new situations. Uncharted territory is very common while on the road touring and in the world of business, it’s just a natural part of both worlds and can
often be the reason that people become rock stars or strive to be in high profile teams.

8. Natural Born Hustlers

The music business can be like the wild west sometimes. The landscape can change drastically in a single decade, and things can move so fast you may feel like you’re on the Bullet Train. In order to stay at the top of your game, you have to get ferocious and as a quick tip, team building idea sessions are a great way to put your heads together and figure out new ways to change your style. Something to keep in mind is that it’s not always the best employees that get the big commissions, and it’s not always the best performers that have the most success. It comes down to the individual who keeps on evolving, changing their style and keeping with the times.

WeJam Rockstar

9. Delegate

We can’t all carry the weight of the world on our own back. There comes a point where work needs to be assigned to other people, and responsibilities must be split up. Delegating work is a great team-building idea because not only are the objectives evenly split between all members of the band or team, but also everyone is able to feel included in the team effort.

10. Be Prepared For The Difficult Decisions

Here at WeJam, we have put our heads together to figure out what was going to be the number one spot on our list. As a team, we decided that everyone should be prepared to make difficult decisions, even against your closest friends if you need
to. In life, there will be times when work colleagues can turn into friends, maybe even family and like any relationship, there will be rough patches. It’s very difficult to separate friendship and business, which makes it especially difficult when tough
decisions need to be made. Great leaders know when to make the tough decisions for the benefit of the team or for the band.


Looking for a team building idea that will blow you away? Hopefully, our list provides you with some guidance on how to deliver on your career targets, how to operate in a high functioning team and be on your way to being a kick-ass rock band! However, we know that not everyone can wait years to achieve their goals, and that’s where WeJam can help you out! At our jamming sessions, we provide you with the opportunity to work as a high performing team and be a legendary rock band at the same time. Be prepared to utilize all the traits we have discussed today because our centres are an incredible opportunity to act like a Rockstar. To top off the experience as well, you can choose your own Celebrity Rider condition; you set your demand, and we will do our best to deliver it.

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